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Bewitching Bouquets - The Mortal Instruments


All Magnus wanted was the cute blue-eyed man’s phone number.  All Alec wanted was to be able to breathe.

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Quite honestly, Magnus felt that it was a clever name for the flower shop.  Caught the eye, subtly promoted the fact that they sold very good bouquets- and other flowers as well, though bouquets were their main selling point.  Other things that the shop sold were individual flowers and potted plants, and corsages, which were high sellers during Prom season.

Located above the shop, on the second floor, was a small apartment.  Magnus had been ecstatic at first when he was told about it- seeing as he was the primary owner of the shop, he could have the shortest commute to work, if he lived above the shop.  Unfortunately, to his great dismay, Magnus was told that the apartment above the shop was already taken.  He hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting the resident yet, and it’d been two months already since the shop opened up.

The first time Magnus had seen the elusive resident in the apartment above the shop, three months after opening, he hadn’t known it.  Honestly, Magnus didn’t really see much of the elusive resident during that first meeting either.  He had seen the black hair, the bouquet of peonies in the left hand as the right slammed a twenty on the countertop, a flash of the most stunning blue eyes that Magnus had ever seen in his life, and then he was gone.  Didn’t even stay to collect his change.  Magnus fell hard and so very, very fast that it wasn’t funny.  It was actually quite tragic, seeing as he didn’t even get a name, and Magnus lamented this fact to Catarina when they switched shifts.

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Xiao Wen Ju, Asia Chow, Jacob K, Liu Wen, March 2012, Millinery, Tim Walker, W Magazine .
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supernatural isn’t about two brothers?? It’s about a guy’s hair that keeps travelling around the usa… and its character development is incredible. We see it growing every year, changing style, moving on…


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so the thing that surprised me most in the itunes promo was the “sammy let me go” note

like he’s a demon now so i expected him to leave something way more immature than that—i thought it’d be something like

and sam being like “……………..he’s fucking alive”

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Science has proven that: 

  • Humans have auras
  • Humans have organs that sense energy
  • We inherit memories from our anscestors
  • Meditation repairs telomeres in DNA, which slows the process of aging. 
  • Compassion extends life
  • Love is more than just an emotion
  • Billions of other universes exist 
  • Meditation speeds healing


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An Indian woman, a Japanese woman, and a Syrian woman, all training to be doctors at Women’s Medical College of Philadelphia, 1880s. (Image courtesy Legacy Center, Drexel University College of Medicine Archives, Philadelphia, PA. Image #p0103) (x)

The Indian woman, Dr. Anandi Gopal Joshi, was the first Indian woman to earn a degree in Western medicine, and also believed to be the first Hindu woman to set foot on American soil.
The Japanese woman, Dr. Kei Okami, was the first Japanese woman to obtain a degree in Western Medicine.
The Syrian woman is Dr. Sabat Islambooly.  Her name is spelled incorrectly on that photograph. 
For those interested, here’s more information on other women of color who attended and graduated from Women’s Medical College of Philadelphia in the past, with a focus on the Japanese-American women they accepted during the US WW2 internment of Japanese-Americans.
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What do you call the security guards outside Samsung shops?


Guardians of the Galaxy

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